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Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
, take the word of alexis de tocqueville. the tocqueville wrote democracy in america two generations after the american founding. two generations after madison identified the tyranny of the majority as the distinctively worse political outcome the democracy could produce to feed the tocqueville, however, had a different answer than that ascended to the question of what kind of despotism space nations have to fear. his warming is justly famous and more pertinent now than ever. this despotism that will lead to tocqueville what he say was mild than the traditional despotisms but coming in here i put them at length the modern despotism leave men without granting them. it is absolute, detailed, regular, farsi and my old. it would resemble paternal power if like that and have for its object to prepare men for manhood but on the contrary it seems only to keep them fixed. it willingly works for their happiness but it wants to be the unique agent and sole arbiter of the happiness. it provides for their security and for their needs, facilitates the pleasures, conductor principal fares, directs
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm EST
. alexis de tocqueville in his fascinating view of america, the democracy in america that he wrote in the early part of the 19th seesht century said america, he said, faced two great challenges. one was russia, the other one was the tyranny of the majority. this is a democracy, this is a majority rules country, but he saw in a great, big, complex country the danger of the tyranny of the majority, and this institution, the united states senate, has from the beginning of the country protected the minority, protected the minority, protected the unpopular view. if he didn't like the vietnam war, you could stand up and say something here and maybe do something about it. or if you're on the other side, maybe you could do something about it. you could make people slow down and stop and think before the country rushes ahead. senators of both parties eloquently, as senator levin has pointed out, have defended that right. times as we republicans were in the bush administration, we were so upset about the democrats blocking of judges that we tried, we said we might use the nuclear option, that w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2